About Us

Kampala MRI Centre provides 1.5Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging services to clientele in Uganda equipped with 1.5T Achieva MRI equipment from Philips Medical Systems. The company is set to offer the best MRI imaging quality in Uganda.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of 3D imaging services.

Cardiac MRI

Image of the heart from a cardiac MRI

Brain Angiogram

Image of the vessels of the brain

Peripheral Angiogram

Angiogram image showing vessels of the lower limbs

Expertise like no other

We have full time coverage by a radiologist on site and three Ugandan senior radiologist working in our centre. All our staff is enrolled in a continuous training and learning program in cooperation with several institutions in the Netherlands.

We are working in collaboration with Bernhoven clinic, a high standard hospital in the Netherlands to assure quality diagnosis. Our clients will be offered the opportunity to have their images assed by radiologists in the Netherlands.